The New York Times
Usability Testing, Card Sorting, Focus Groups
I work with the User Experience group at on an ongoing basis to inform the design and development of cross-channel reading and browsing experiences (Web, New York Times for iPad and iPhone), including diverse online features, navigation design, and digital subscription purchase flows.

Remote Usability Testing, Workflow Analysis
I work with Wiley to improve the user experience of WileyPLUS, their online course management and learning platform and the diverse resources and opportunities of the Wiley Online Library, including the Encyclopedia of Life Sciences and Blackwell Encyclopedia of Sociology.

Carnegie Hall
Usability Testing, Information Strategy
I work with Carnegie Hall to refine and improve their recently redesigned website (2011), focusing on ticket purchasing flows and membership acquisition. On an ongoing basis, I am working with the Education group at Carnegie to make continuous improvements to the Online Resource Center for K-12 educators.

Electronic Ink
Contextual Interviews, Usability Testing
Electronic Ink is a business systems design consultancy. I partner with them to perform contextual interviews and usability testing to inform the development and optimization of  business-critical software tools for global companies. Electronic Ink is a unique design consultancy, committed to integrating research throughout the design cycle.

Collective UX/adMarketplace
Usability Testing (Web)
I work with CollectiveUX, a full service user experience design consultancy, to provide user research and usability testing services for their clients. For example, I partnered with CollectiveUX  to validate new designs of‘s Dashboard workspace, a transactional platform for internal and external account managers to manage their pay-per-click advertising campaigns. 

EDC/Center for Children & Technology (CCT)
User Research | Usability Testing | Information Strategy | Wireframing
I work with CCT on a range of projects to improve the design of online teaching and learning tools. Engagements have included: National Geographic Education (Teachers) and the development of an online teacher guide for a new Life Science curriculum, funded by the National Science Foundation.

Catalyst Group
Usability testing
I have worked as a senior moderator for Catalyst Group, a research and design agency. Clients have included: College Board, Scholastic, Goldman Sachs, Chase, MetLife, and others.

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