Q. Why do usability testing? We already know what our users want. 

A. What people say and do are often very different. Usability research is the practice of directly observing representative users navigate and interact with an application to figure out where and why there are issues and/or confusion with a design. The insights gained from usability research are based on behavior, not opinions, which is the best way to learn what you need to know to improve a design.

What users will show (and tell) you:

— Is the site or application being used as intended?
— How are users moving from screen to screen?
— What do users notice (and not notice) on the page?
— Are the intended paths to action obvious and clear?
— Does the navigation design match users’ expectations?
— Is the language and labeling understandable?
— Where do users have questions or just get stuck?
— What’s working as is? (Because it’s important not to throw the baby away with the bathwater!)

Isn’t user research expensive? We can’t afford it.


Usability Myths: Q&A